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Resources for Aphasia
National Aphasia Association  (NAA) (See their complete listings for resources local to you)
Access Aphasia
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA-more info on speech and language therapists near you)
National Institute of Deafness and Other CommunicationDisorders (NIDCD)
Aphasia Hope Foundation
International Encyclopedia of Rehabilitation
ARC- Aphasia Resource Connection (USA)
HARC- Houston Aphasia Recovery Center (Houston, TX)
Aphasia Center of California (Northern CA)
Adler Aphasia Center (New Jersey)
Connect (based in the United Kingdom-C[LOSED)
Faces of Aphasia
Aphasia Corner--digital resources for people with aphasia
Aphasia Institute
Aphasia Etiquette (from the Stroke Association)

Resources for Brain Aneurysm / Brain Injury
Brain Aneurysm Foundation (BAF) (See their complete listings for resources local to you)
The Joe Niekro Foundation
The Dana Foundation
Headway (based in the United Kingdom)
Who Are You Now? Life Stories from Brain Injury Survivors

Resources for Stroke
National Stroke Association
National Family Caregivers Association
The Recovery Village (drug and alcohol treatments for caregivers)
My Stroke of Insight Website
Stroke Association (based in the United Kingdom)
Stroke Odysseys (including my own contributions for the 2016/17 installment: one, two, and three)

Resources for Disabilities
Assisted Living

Basic Aphasia/Stroke Reading Material
The Aphasia Handbook: A Guide for Stroke and Brain Injury Survivor and Their Families --Joan Peters (editor)
One Hundred Names for Love -Diane Ackerman
My Stroke of Insight--Jill Bolte Taylor
The Brain That Changes Itself--Norman Doidge
Milestones in the History of Aphasia: Theories and Protagonists - Juergen Tesak and Chris Code

Further Reading (Personal/Therapeutic/Academic)
Aphasiology: Disorders and Clinical Practice--G. Albyn Davis
Coping With Aphasia--John G. Lyon
Counseling Persons With Communication Disorders and Their Families--David L. Luterman
The Master and His Emissary--Iain McGilchrist
The Mind’s Eye--Oliver Sacks
The Tell Tale Brain and Brief Tour of Human Consciousness --V.S. Ramachandran
A Self Comes to Mind --Antonio Damasio
The Language Instinct  --Stephen Pinker
In the Shadow of Memory--Floyd Skloot
An Alchemy of Mind--Diane Ackerman
The Forgetting--David Shenk
The Shadow Factory--Paul West
Thinking in Pictures--Temple Grandin
Neurological Disorders in Famous Artists--Julien Bogousslavsky
Bomb in the Brain--Steve Fishman
In An Instant--Lee and Bob Woodruff
Over My Head--Claudia L. Osborn
Gabby: A Story cf Courage and Hope--Gabrielle Giffords, Mark Kelly and Jeffrey Laslow
Aphasia Theory and Therapy: Selected Lectures and Papers of Hildred Schuell
Freud and His Aphasia Book: Language and the Sources of Psychoanalysis --Valerie D. Greenberg
On Aphasia--Sigmund Freud

Aphasia Media
Aphasia: The Movie
Picturing Aphasia (Documentary)
Living Successfully with Aphasia
Yours Truly Dr. Z (Documentary of sport writer Paul Zimmerman and his aphasia)
Lifeline for People with Aphasia--Adler Aphasia Center
The Treasure Hunt--Society for Neuroscience animated short on aphasia
Patience, Listening, and Communicating with Aphasia Patients
"Tip of My Tongue" - Music Video/ Sing Along - from Aphasia Files
Aphasia Pinterest Page from Griswold Home Care
Heart to Heart - music video from Marc Black

Stroke Media
Jill Bolte Taylor

Brainy Websites/Blogs
The Beautiful Brain
BPS Research Digest
Brain Ethics
The Connectome
Who Am I To Stop It?

Aphasia Speaking for Itself
In Their Own Words: People with Aphasia & Friends (text compiled by the National Aphasia Association)
Sarah Scott had a stroke at a 18 and she acquired the same type of aphasia I have: Brocas Aphasia. Scott shows how aphasia can strike even vibrant, young people, and illustrates how certain therapies can dramatically improve rehabilitation. I recommend watching her succession of videos, recorded over several  years.
1 year after her stroke. 1.5 years later. 2 years. 2.5 years  3 years.
Aphasia Speaks- profiling Kristin, a 34-year-old physical therapist, who suffered a stroke in 2008

Wordplay / Podcasts
NPR's Radiolab, Season 8, Episode 2--"Words"
The Allusionist (a language centered podcast, which featured my story too!)