"A Stitch Of Time: The Year a Brain Injury Changed My Language and Life" – Trailer

"Spark Off Rose" Storytelling-on the theme of "Wisdom," December, 2015

50th Anniversary of Cal State Northridge Speech Disorder Department, 2012

Bread Loaf Conference Waiter Reading, 2012

PEN Center USA reading, Los Angeles, CA, April 17, 2011

"The Moth" Santa Monica, CA, May 25, 2009


Chapter 1 - September
From Chapter 1 (September). After a decade of independence, 27-year-old Lauren returns to her parents' home after a brain aneurysm rupture makes her dependent on their care. This segment deals with the disorientation of her initial homecoming.
Animation and Music by Jody Lew.

Chapter 2 - October
From Chapter 2 (October). After experiencing a brain aneurysm's rupture Lauren (age 27) struggles with her newly acquired language disorder, discovering that she is at the same reading level as her 8 year old cousin. The two try to write a story together.
Animation by Karen Azarnia, Music by Heather Christian